Oriental Semi-Circle Wall Light



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Oriental Semi-Circle Wall Light

Oriental Semi-Circle Wall Light. Ideal interior design for bedroom, living room, entryway, and office spaces.
When lit, this wall light fixture creates a beautiful impression in the space, adding a Moroccan and oriental touch to your interior design.
Our skilled and experienced craftsmen handcraft all the engravings and designs, ensuring the highest quality for all of our products.

Oriental Semi-Circle Wall Light
Oriental Semi-Circle Wall Light

This Wall Lamp made of brass is intended to accentuate the unique charm of your home’s interior decor. This Moroccan art piece will perfectly match your existing décor and enhance the ambience by filling in the dark areas while leaving the remaining space peaceful and serene thanks to exclusive bespoke lighting designs from moroccan-lamps.com.


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You might already have a light fixed to your wall for use. However, for those who desire to connect it. By default, we include a cord, plug, and bulb. We put in a standard socket for Europe. If you are in the US, all you need to do is add an adapter.

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Moroccan Lamps

Would you like to give your house or the exterior a bit more mysterious and exotic touch? We are always looking for a modern and unique style when it comes to decoration in our home.

If you’re planning an exotic, intimate and cozy way to decorate your house, Moroccan lamps could just be your choice.

Moroccan lamps have a long, exotic heritage, and their style is a fusion of many cultures. They irradiate a rustic vibe while still adding a touch of otherworldliness.

They irradiate a rustic vibe while still adding a touch of otherworldliness. Light streams into intricate metal cutwork designs and colored glass to produce a stunning “starry” canopy.

By including Moroccan décor features into your house’ interior, you will definitely appreciate the Moroccan culture.

You can give this design with its materials and decoration elements such as Lanterns, Candles, Moroccan Furnitures, and Moroccan Ceramic by experiencing all the sensations.

When bringing whatever new culture into your house, it’s a good idea to play around with colours, textures, and furniture to add some uniqueness and make your space more conducive to Moroccan elements.

Moroccan lamps give every location an exotic feel. Lighting in a contemporary theme will improve the mood in your house, as well as in luxury hotels and restaurants.

The Moroccan lanterns will be able to turn your house brightly colored Moroccan lanterns to glass reflective lanterns around the room.

The intricate network of dancing patterns produced by these lanterns will look amazing.

Lights and lamps are like jewels in your home, they aren’t the main act, but can make up or decrease the decor in your house.

Therefore, the selection of the perfect lights for home, such as table lamps or attraction center such as hanging lamps, is an intricate task. The important thing is to find the perfect combination of looks and functions.

Moroccan lamps bring a unique touch to every room and blend in well with any decor. Moroccan lamps come in a range of types and designs, making it simple to add shell-like objects, glass beads, or porcelain spheres to your house. Your goal is accomplished as long as the lamp illuminates the room where you rest.

Oriental Semi-Circle Wall Light

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Black, Bronze, Copper, Gold, Silver


100cm, 80Cm, 5pcm


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