MOROCCAN PENDANT. Adornment crafted by hand for a fantastic ceiling fixture. The appropriate interior decor for every room in your house, including the living room, bedroom, office, and entryway.
This hanging, when lit, gives the room a wonderful aspect and gives your interior design a Moroccan and oriental flair.
All of the engravings and designs are handcrafted by our talented and knowledgeable craftsmen, ensuring the greatest quality for all of our items.

A beautiful statement piece in authentic Moroccan style. This large fixture is suited for larger spaces and will adequately illuminate any large living or dining room with its 5 bulbs.

This lighting scheme is lovely. It has a distinct Moroccan taste due to the pattern in the metal, but it is a refined take because there is only one continuous shade of natural brass.

All of the beautiful Moroccan lights were made by hand. Put it next to a couch or on a console table for a stylish focal point. The warmth and beauty of these lights will create a pleasant Moroccan atmosphere in your space.


All of our lamps are made utilizing a traditional procedure, adding a touch of workmanship to your decor while also dispersing reflections on the walls and ceiling and providing lighting. Lovely Light Forms and Patterns.

Whichever lantern you choose will significantly enhance your appearance. They can be the focal point of your dining table or simply a decorative addition to a side table.

It’s as easy as buying one and placing it in your home to add a Moroccan pendant lamp. More lavish Moroccan décor can also be added if you want to go all out.

Fixture only height: 7″
Height with chain: 27″
Fixture Width: 25″
Cord length: 6 feet

Bulb: Standard/medium base; Max. Wattage: 60 watts. Compatible with incandescent, LED or halogen bulb. Recommend use LED bulbs.
UL Listed: Yes (US and Canada)

Moroccan Lamps

Would you like to add a little more mystique and exotic flair to the exterior or your home? When it comes to home décor, we are constantly searching for a contemporary and distinctive design.

Moroccan lamps can simply be your best option if you’re looking to design your home in an exotic, private, and cozy manner.

Moroccan lights have a rich, fascinating history, and its design combines several cultural influences. They exude a rural vibe while also bringing in a hint of other worldliness.

They exude a rural vibe while also bringing in a hint of other worldliness. A magnificent “starry” canopy is created when light filters through colored glass and exquisite metal cut work motifs.

You will undoubtedly gain an appreciation for Moroccan culture by incorporating Moroccan decor elements into the interior of your home.

By absorbing all the sensations, you may impart this style with its materials and decorative components, such as lanterns, candles, Moroccan furniture, and Moroccan ceramic.

It’s a good idea to experiment with colors, textures, and furnishings when incorporating any new culture into your home to add some originality and make the area more suited to Moroccan features.

Moroccan lamps add a sense of exoticism to any space. Contemporary lighting will elevate the ambience in your home as well as in opulent hotels and eateries.

The Moroccan lanterns may transform your home’s vibrantly colored Moroccan lanterns into glass lanterns that reflect light around the space.

These lanterns will create a beautiful, complex network of dancing patterns.

While not the major attraction in your home, lights and lamps can increase or lessen the design there.

Thus, choosing the ideal lighting for the home, whether it be table lamps for the dining room or hanging lamps for the attraction center, is a difficult issue. Finding the ideal balance between form and function is crucial.

Moroccan lights add a distinctive touch to any space and go well with any design. Moroccan lamps are available in a variety of styles and shapes, making it simple to decorate your home with shell-like decor, glass beads, or porcelain spheres. As long as the bulb illuminates the space where you are resting, your objective has been achieved.


Moroccan ceiling lights are the way to go if you want to add some culture and a lot of charm to your home.

One of the top benefits of adding Moroccan style lighting to your home is the ingenuity that goes into practically any light fixture.

Some of the lights are made of materials like brass, glass, metal, and rattan, and they each have a unique aesthetic quality.

Your choice of hue will reflect the ambience created by the lighting in the space.

Moreover, there is a distinctive range of shape options. Any room benefits from the kind, which comes in spherical and star shapes.



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